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Shared is changing the concept of digital transformation.
If you want to participate to the change, you should join us with your talent and your interest in developing new technologies. You will work on exploring new boundaries and you will have the unique opportunity to change the digital world by reshaping it.

(and maybe, make it a little bit better in the process?)

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What we offer

Start-up culture

We'll give you exposure to the most exciting technological trends in IT and you will shape our company


We believe in results and we trust our people, giving them full flexibility in carrying out their projects


Working in a new 

technological sector requires continuous investments in training our employees

What we expect

Technology permeates our business, that's why we believe that full collaboration between IT and business people, is essential, from the development phase.

Therefore, we are looking for people who can communicate both with business and with IT, who take responsibility, and who are eager to constantly improve and find an answer to new questions.

Open positions

Senior software developer

Must have: 

  • 4+ years programming experience with Java, Java EE

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science (or related field)

  • GIT (branch mgmt & merging) 

  • RDBMS via SQL, ORM framework

  • Maven (release lifecycle, artifacts mgmt)

  • knowledge of software architectures (frontend, backend, services, sync & async communication, etc)  

  • Linux (application installing, logging and monitoring)

  • Fluency in English

Desirable experience: 

  • Gitflow
  • devops tools: Ansible, Vagrant, Jenkins, SonarQube, Gitlab, OSS Nexus 
  • containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Spring Boot & Spring Framework
  • OpenAPI (v2 or v3)

  • BPMN (Camunda)

  • PostgreSQL

  • Cryptography


Mid software developer

Must have: 

  • 2+ years programming experience with Java, Java EE

  • Concurrent programming, Thread management

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science (or related field)

  • Fluency in English

  • RDBMS via SQL

  • Linux: Bash scripting


  • TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS protocols
  • Javascript, CSS, JQuery, Angular JS, Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • Cryptography

Don't have enough seniority? Don't worry!

If you are motivated and have good technical skills (you're geek enough), we will take your profile into consideration.

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