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We have been working on several solutions and POCs that are grouped below:

Pay per use

Tailored smart contract platform, based on Orchestica, enabling pay-per-use model by means of assets securitization. The platform allows monetization of recurrent revenue streams to manage the risk emerging from product life-cycle. 

Reverse factoring

A platform that leverages NFTs and certifies operational information to securitize invoices and invoice chains, creating a marketplace for parametric risk associated with supply chain financing.

Consumer loan

A full product consisting in a creditor insurance product that provides life insurance coverage to pay off a borrower's debt in case of death, subtracting any amounts already debited from the borrower's pension check. 

Parametric risk

A parametric insurance for meteorological risk involving software and physical oracles covering excess of rainfall.


A platform that  supports a blockchain solution to protect and update all data regarding cultural heritage and artifacts. It enables digital management of dynamic information by protecting and certifying its value over time.

Digital ID

Using standard NFC technology, providing a unique, tamper proof digital identity to physical objects to be used in automated processes driven with smart contracts.

Edge computing

Certification of information from IoT sensors that ensures tracking of tampering, fraud and system errors while guaranteeing production processes.


Leveraging blockchain technology to enhance employee performance and purchasing power, while maintaining data privacy and control through people identity management, data generation, and an interface to wellness equipment for seamless data collection.

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