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With this blog, our team wants to present the activities of a company that will be aligned in a value creation perspective based on the following principles:

  • People exchange value, and this creates ever-changing opportunities

  • Technology is revolutionizing exchange opportunities in such a way as to make previously uneconomic activities possible

  • Business models will be increasingly open to contributions from people who can actively participate in this value creation, being able to understand and create new models quickly and explainable to others, thus creating open ecosystems.

Following these simple lines, we will go on to explore the technologies that enable us to arrive at these outcomes and their consequences.

Our posts will seek to offer insights by limiting barriers to entry, constituted, for example, by technological constraints or prior knowledge.

Our goal is to stimulate a discussion, an exchange of ideas and contributions. We hope that readers interested in these issues and willing to invest in their own training (which may be through available and -almost always- free tools) will participate in this constructive exchange.

Follow us on this journey!

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