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What we do

Our vision is to be the best marketplace for parametric risk.

Through technology-supported business models, we are changing the backbone of the insurance insudstry, with a higher level of transparency and efficiency.

More specifically, we've created an integrated software platform/application that automates insurance business processes and records all the transactions and information leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The main advantage of using this kind of technology is that it allows greater levels of transparency, both for actors involved like Banks, Brokers and Insurance companies, as well as for regulators and supervising institutions.

What is DLT? ...

Combining secure hardware...

By operating with parametric risk, we are able to ... and therefore we are able to sell the risk to the capital market at a certain price.


An insurance company?

A tech company developing platforms?

I think we cannot communicate both on the website


The answer is both. Shared Holding is composed of 3 distinct entities, click below to see the full structure and the functions of our group.

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