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Shared focuses on the development of software and hardware for Blockchain based services. The company leverages on its technical competence in the field of Information Technology and its close ties with the financial industry.

Founded in 2016, Shared is an Italian company, spun off by the same team and company that has already produced other successful businesses: Mindseeds Laboratories. Mindseeds Labs is an accelerator with a proven track record. It invests in specific innovation areas, such as Blockchain and IoT. So far it owns 25+ patents and was involved in 2 successful exits: 1 in MedTech (Silicon Biosystems - Exit with Menarini) and 1 in Biometric Scanners (UPEK - Exit with Apple // the fingerprint scanner technology integrated on iPhones).

We use advanced business process modeling to improve insurance.

We are three companies in one! Click below to see the full structure of the holding.

Our people are the true stars of our company. Click below to meet them!

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